Frequently Asked Questions

SymAsia aims to foster humanitarian causes, advance social development, preserve the natural world, protect the environment, support education, promote culture and the Arts and support health and sports. SymAsia provides disaster relief aid and promotes long-term projects.


Which causes can I donate to?

SymAsia has five broad themes, namely:

  • Humanitarian and social development
  • Protection of nature and the environment
  • Education
  • Culture and the Arts
  • Health and sports

However, the broad scope of the foundation allows you to establish your own foundation that reflects specific themes to meet your giving intentions.


How can I become personally involved?

You can establish a foundation in your own name or any name of your choice and you may choose to be involved in the grant-making and project review process.


How can I donate?

You have the option of making a lifetime contribution, setting up a foundation as a legacy with full administrative support from Credit Suisse, or appointing SymAsia as an heir.


Is my donation tax deductible?

Singapore taxpayers enjoy double tax deduction for cash donations made through SymAsia to approved Institutions of a Public Character (IPC) in Singapore. This tax deduction of 2.5 times applies to all cash donations made till 31 December 2018.


How can I be sure that the money I donate will be used in accordance to my wishes?

Through our Board of Directors - the highest management and oversight body, which is composed of proven experts and qualified individuals, and an experienced team, we ensure professional selection as well as monitoring and controlling of projects and institutions supported. Furthermore, you will receive a thorough account of how your donations are used. For us, it is matter of course that you are given account of how the money is used.


How much of my donation goes toward administration costs?

The administrative and operation costs associated with the management of the Foundation will be fully borne by Credit Suisse. This ensures that your donations achieve the optimum impact for the designated charitable causes.


Who is responsible for oversight and auditing?

Accorded non-profit organisation status by the Economic Development Board (EDB) of Singapore, SymAsia is a charitable foundation registered and incorporated as a company limited by guarantee with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore. It is subject to supervision by ACRA and governed by the Singapore Companies Act. SymAsia will be subject to an annual external statutory audit by an international public accounting firm. An internal Audit Committee chaired by a Board member has also been set up to provide additional governance and oversight. As the Foundation is not a bank or financial institution, it is not regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

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